Sep 4, 2013

My MT4 bitcoin Expert Advisor trading for profit

Metatrader4 is the best trading tool to trade bitcoins on the market. This bitcoin trading bot is actually a system that connects you to the up-to-date BTCUSD charts on the prices through the exchange rate from brokers.

My Bitcoin Startrader mt4 expert advisor place buy or sell orders, set automatic stop-loss and take-profit limits, all within ea small program software.

There are some tips to create custom trading strategies, back-test them against an extensive historical database and automate the real-time monitoring and execution of my bitcoin portfolio.

This will reduce my trading costs with bitcoins/USD trades.

I need also a broker offering me some of the lowest spreads – together with one of the most sophisticated automated trading tools – available to simulation (metatrader 4 trading platform).

Trading btc/usd can become now for me one of the most profitable activities on the internet.

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